Found the Old Mittens – Day 4 Janathon – 1/4/12

My favorite winter running mittens 🙂

It was damn cold during the run, but it will get colder. Being cold just part of livin up heah in Maine.

15F degrees was about as warm as it got and that wasn’t all that warm and when you add in a 5-10 mph wind out of the NW brrrrrrr. But I made it through, so feel pretty darn good now.

Got a 2.0 mile walk in with Bennie and TheWife too earlier this morning when it was down in the single digits, so I got my time outside in the cold air done today.

I was going to run in the Rockets before doing my regular run, like I said yesterday, but it was just too cold to change shoes at the end of the drive way today. If I had come back inside there would have been a pretty good chance I wouldn’t have kept going (yeah right)!

I found my old cold weather running mittens, well errrr ahhhh the wife told me where they were. See TheWife is good for something, keeping this old fart out of trouble and making it so I don’t tear the whole house apart trying to find something, when they were right where I put them last spring. These mittens are polar fleece and cranberry colored, they are nothing less than fugly, but they are warm and I glad that I “found” them ;-P.  Thanks Wife you keep me out of trouble more than you ever know.

The run itself was pretty uneventful, in colder weather like this I don’t even try to run fast, this weather is simply to keep moving and enjoy the workout. The right knee was a little cranky to start, but otherwise did fairly well.

I also worked on improving the spreadsheet setup so things are more tightly aligned to meet my needs and wants. I even added in a place for Bennie Walk total and will move that to under Average Pace later today.

Quality of run: Good cold weather run
Weight: 171
Time of Run:  11:35 A.M.
Temp: 15F
Weather: Sunshine (no warmth) with 5-10 mph breeze from NW – It was damn cold!! This what it was. Don’t let anyone tell that temps in the teens is not cold.
Clothes: U/A compression shorts, Nylon lined wind pants, NB tech base layer, Nike Long Sleeve compression shirt, NB running jacket, Fleece jacket over everything, warm fleece hat, fugly mittens (no idea of who made them)

Day four of Janathon Challenge