First Run of 2012 and Day 1 of Janathon Challenge

The first run of 2012 and it was a pretty damn great run!!!  I broke 26:00 for my 3.2 mile course (by one second) and set a new PR for it. There are going to be a lot of Personal Records this year since I decided to re-set all of PRs and retire all of the old ones. I figured since I retired last year those PRs should too.

See my Time to Re-Set My Personal Records post.

Today was another first – I ran in shorts on January 1st for the first time “evah”. It was damn near 50 degrees up hear in Central Maine – absolutely unbelievable weather and I wanted to get out enjoy it before it leaves. By Wednesday I saw that one forecast had the temps diving to 6 degrees below zero. I sure as hell will not be running in shorts that day!!!!

I focused on my foot plant and arm swing again today, the arm swing is becoming much more automatic and the running tall/foot plant is getting better too. I will start working on increasing my cadence in a couple of weeks right now it is around 165/170.

No I felt good, the knee was a little balky when I started but after about a half mile it loosened up and felt fine, it doesn’t hurt now about 2 hours after finishing the run, so just have to get it lose before pushing at all. I really ran very comfortably and only pushed the last 200 yards to see if I had any kick left in the old body – unfortunately its gone for now – I will find it again this summer I hope.

I know that I am a lot farther ahead than I was last year at this time and a damn site happier. No papers to correct, no lesson plans to submit and I am running again!!!!

2012 is going to be a great year!

Quality of Run: Excellent
Weight: 171
Time of Run: 12:15 P.M.
Temp: 48F
Weather: Bright sunshine, winds 10 mph fm the south
Clothes:  SHORTS, Brooks tech long sleeve, cotton t-shirt over, poly socks, Peregrines (would not have minded gloves)

This is also the first day in my Janathon Challenge