My IRC Run in Freezing Rain – 12/31/11

My last run of 2011, somehow it was a fitting test of my hardiness and dedication to running a lot.

There is a very thin line between dedication and crazy. I may have crossed it a little bit this morning when I ran. It was freezing rain with a pretty good build-up of ice on the road and I was out there running.

Not the smartest thing I have ever done and I admit that I had some second thoughts about doing it, but I am a member of the Idiots Running Club and I really wanted to get 100 miles in for December, so I went out and ran that final 2.7 miles that I needed.

I had ben out walking with TheWife and Bennie and it was bad then, after we got back we were drenched and were changing, she hollers out “The Sand Truck is going by, if you are going to run, this will probably be your best chance today.” When your wife half-challenges you like that you just have to go do it.

I did.

This is the road down back where I usually run, we didn’t even attempt to walk it with YakTrax on – really bad

It certainly was a slow run and I had to almost come to a stop to make my turns, but it was still running! The first mile wasn’t too bad, the salt/sand that had been put on the road worked pretty well, but on the second and third laps, the road was beginning to freeze up again and the little bit of traction that I had on the first one, was quickly going away.

This is where focusing on the foot plant and “peeling your foot” of ChiRunning was coming in handy, with the new running style I am trying to adopt, I didn’t slip/slide nearly as much as I did in the past. So the new form is better for nasty weather running than I thought it would be.

The run itself was quite easy and sure didn’t push it.

Quality of Run: Good slow run for the conditions
Weight: 170
Time of Run: 11:15 A.M.
Temp: 29F
Weather: Sleet/freezing rain, icy as hell, wind out of the north 10-15 mph
Clothes: Icebreaker base layer top, Nike Long Sleeve, Fleece Vest, NB Running Jacket, Running Pants, compression shorts, merino wools socks, Brooks HiVis hat, EMS Ear Warmer, gloves

Wasn’t cold, just a little wet.






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