Five Miler Done-Just a Little Slippery – 12/30/11

I needed a total of just under 8 miles in December to go over 100 for the a month. Which would be my first 100 mile month since 2007, so I decided to run a 5.0 miler today and a 3.0 tomorrow to break it up. I am pretty stoked about making that 100 miles for December, I never thought that I would have one of these again last year at this time.

About a half hour before I started running it started to snow a little bit which made the run a little bit slippery:


If you look close this section is all ice and I had to stop and walk very slowly across this part and even then I slipped a little bit in a couple of places. As I continued the run, it did get a little bit more slippery and I had to watch out for a bunch of cars that I haven’t run into before in this particular run.

Also a Beagle came out at me barking, little dogs can be more vicious than big dogs sometimes, so I stopped and yelled at it, it finally went back to its house. I hate it when dogs do that whether they are big or small.

By the time I got to the end, I had something happen never happened before with my Peregrines, the bottoms had snow begin to clump up, it knocked off easily, but came right back, the snow conditions were just right.

During this run I focused on my landing and hold my arms at 90 degrees – along with standing tall, while relaxing. It worked pretty well, because I did run it faster than I usually do even with all of the disruptions and road conditions.

Quality of run: Pretty Good
Weight: 172
Time of run: 2:30 P.M.
Temp: 28F
Weather: Light Snow/Freezing Rain slippery