Thank You for your Support

Yes this is me about 1960

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who supported and helped me over the past month or so, while I was getting “A Veteran Runnah” up and running during December.

I really, really appreciate the comments, suggestions and the number of you that have taken the time to read “A Veteran Runnah” in the short time it has been up and running (yes bad pun).

I created this blog back in early November as a niche running blog and then decided to shelve it and use my primary blog “One Foot In Reality” as an everything blog. That plan didn’t work too well.

Different Audience

OFIR was geared to a different audience and I was writing about running more and more. At the end of November I was writing so much about running/health that I decided that I did need a niche running blog and on December 1st, I started posting regularly to “A Veteran Runnah”. Since that time “A Veteran Runnah” has become my primary blog and OFIR the secondary.

As part of the switch to “A Veteran Runnah”, I imported my running related posts from “One Foot In Reality” and “Time to Run Again”. I wanted one place where all the posts from when I started running again on June 15, 2011 would be. That is why there are posts back to June.

I can’t believe how well “A Veteran Runnah” has done since December 1st.

Without your support, this dramatic growth would not have been possible.

I love the online running community that I have met mainly through Twitter, (#FitFluential, #RunChat #Fitblog #running #runnerds) and blogging (there are so many great running blogs out there) – gotta add Google+ in there as well. I have even started using Facebook again, because that is where many of you are. The amount of support, ideas and advice given freely in this community is simply amazing.

I just wanted to tell everyone how grateful I am for your support to me in my efforts to return to running in a sensible way and the way you helped “A Veteran Runnah” first months such a success.







3 responses to “Thank You for your Support”

  1. Brian G. Fay Avatar

    Thank you for writing. It's a pleasure to read your stuff.


  2. Running Moose Avatar

    Harold, like Brian said, it really is a pleasure to read your blog! I have been out of blog world as the lack of running because of the injury had been leaving me not wanting to be around the on-line running world much. Soon, though, soon…


  3. Harold Shaw Avatar

    Thank you guys, it is great to be a part of such a great community. Erik you will be back soon and I understand you not wanting to be around while injured, it is tough when everyone else is do this or that.Thanks again


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