Muddy Run Down Back in Shorts – 12-28-11

Where is the ice/snow?

This morning was absolutely beautiful, sunshine and 49F no wind, but instead of running I did a long 3.5 walk with the wife and Bennie, it was muddy then, but not nearly as bad as later.

I have found that if I run immediately after walking that far, the old body, just doesn’t like it. So I rest for a few hours before I do my run. Hey – does this mean I am actually starting to listen to my body? Just maybe.

This afternoon when I went out it was still really warm for this time of year up heah – 44F with a 10 mph wind out of the NW.

That is still SHORTS WEATHER to me and this is December 28th. I can’t believe that I wore shorts in Central Maine this late in the year – Strange winter. However, I do like running in shorts and long sleeve shirts instead of jackets so I am not complaining.

Today’s run was a bit of a mudder. I was able to run to the Brook and back without worrying about ice or snow, but after last night’s rain storm, there was plenty of mud. The footing was a little iffy with some ice underneath in some places, so you had to be aware of how you were putting your foot down. For the most part I felt as though I just plugged along, without trying to push the pace or put too much effort into it.

Today’s focus was working on keeping my feet straighter, so that when I look back I don’t see a big V from my toes pointing out so much.  This is a lot better than I used to be, but I still have a little ways to go to be running straight. Slow progress, but this is definitely progress.

Some of you who commented on my post The Hardest Thing About Running and stated that they couldn’t really see me running. So I decided to put this up on the internet to see the difference between then and now – I can see some differences already, but I know that I have a lot more work left to do. I plan to do a lot better one in a couple of weeks, but figured that since I was in shorts it would be a good time to get an interim video. I am still crossing my chest too much with my arms,  need to keep working on that. 🙂

Even with the muddy conditions, it was the fastest run on this course, this year. Needless to say I was surprised and a little pysched.

Quality of Run: Good felt strong all the way
Weight: 171 (Lowest in a long time)
Time of Run: 3:00
Temp: 44F
Weather: Overcast and the wind is picking up