Running Carefully & Focusing – 112/27/11

I have been doing the same run for the past 5 days and wanted a different route. Down back has been slippery and icy, but when I walked Bennie down there this morning it was almost runnable.

Almost runnable means that I can do it if I go slow and really pay attention to what I am doing.

How did it go?

There was a quite a bit of white ice, but it had melted enough on the edges and middle that I could get a little bit of grip.

No falls, a little bit of slipping and sliding, but nothing serious, no pulled muscles and I really worked on two pieces of my form while going through there and for most of the run.

  • not running like a penguin – leaving the V behind me
  • keeping my arms at 90 degree angle and not swinging them in front of me.

Those were my focus areas today. Not running like a penguin is going to be a long work in progress, still splaying out, but not nearly as bad as in the past (I snuck in landing correctly when everything else was going good). Keeping my arms at a 90 degree angle is how I used to run and it immediately felt natural to me (I had tried several other ways to hold my arms, but none of them felt comfortable), but I still found myself reaching across my body too often, I need to really focus on that aspect until it comes automatic.

I ran the 5 mile o/b course and as I came back up that damn hill, I really noticed my form fall apart and I had a real hard time trying to get it back. Actually didn’t get it back until I got on the tar and then it came back easily. I guess the footing was just a little too treacherous.

Quality of Run: Good focus run
Weight: 172
Time of Run: 2:35 PM
Temp: 40F
Weather: Cloudy and overcast – winds 5-10 mph from the south