Running Gifts – What did you get?

Christmas is now a memory, but hopefully it was lots of good memories! Many of us are sleeping off food induced comas, perhaps a bit too much of the grain or vine and some are even back at work today.  However, many of us are off this week and will be gearing up our running, looking back at the year and setting goals for next year.

One more post on “What did you get for Christmas?” Then I will move on to the other things.

Those of us who run, probably hinted asked, suggested or even helped others pick out presents for our running selves. Those things that we wouldn’t buy for ourselves usually, but that as long as someone else needs to get us a present, it might as well have something that we have eyed, but just never pulled the trigger.

What kind of neat things did you get that you suggested or “begged” that others get for you yesterday? Which gifts were totally unexpected but “way cool”?

I know that I did that kind of stuff before Christmas this year and even though we agreed before hand to really cut back on what kinds of stuff, we would buy, I did get some really great stuff related to running.

The picture above is my new Brooks Running hat to replace my old one that has seen better years and was starting to get a bit tattered and permanently dirty (no matter how many times I throw it in the washer the grunge is so bad it is part of the fabric ;-). I think it has become better known around the neighborhood as that crazy old guy in the bright green hat. But they can’t say they didn’t see me before they hit me.  I let it be known that I was interested in getting a new one.

Three books that I got related to running.

I suggested buying “Chi Running” to TheWife, because after going to the website and reading the reviews they indicated that if I followed the practice of ChiRunning that it might help me with improving my form, which definitely needs work. I have started to read it and just got to Chapter 4, we will see how it goes. The idea of running with fewer injuries is something that I really want to work on this year.

The hard copy runner’s log is something that I haven’t used in a long time and probably wouldn’t have gotten one for myself, since I have been using a combination of Google Spreadsheet, Dailymile and this blog to log my running. However, I will leave it on the table and fill it out every day, who knows maybe it will help to keep me more consistent, or if we lose power this winter for any significant amount of time, I won’t have to find a scrap of paper to log my runs.

“Running Past 50” – Well I am past 50 and originally I ordered it to see what advice they had for over 50-year-old runners. When the shipment arrived, it got sucked into the Christmas present vortex and yes I got a few smart-ass comments when I opened it up. Nothing overly serious, just smart-ass – not that I would ever be that way back to anyone.

These are things that I got related directly to running, how about you – any surprises.

4 thoughts on “Running Gifts – What did you get?

  1. Love the hat! I got (from my whole family) a pair of Julbo Ultra sunglasses (it was also the only thing other than a Kindle that I got but worth it!!). I guess the Kindle can count since I have a couple running books and a book by Joe Friel on heart rate training.


  2. That is something I have to get is new clips for my glasses I keep forgetting to get them and will need them soon – don't want to worry about being snow blind. The Kindle counts you can read all the new stuff.


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