Initial Impression of Trying Chi Running – 12/26/11

Today was a beautiful winter day. Mid 30’s no wind and bright sunshine. 30’s still is not quite shorts weather for me but pretty darn close.

I have been reading “Chi Running” and have gotten through Chapter 3 since last night. I am really reading it, not just skim reading and that slows me down a lot. The biggest thing that I see after reading just this little bit, is that I have to change in my running form – is to stop walking and running with splayed feet.

Although I have been working on this some already, the book really made me realize how important it is to have everything moving in the same direction. TheWife has always made fun of how I walk and especially when I walk in snow – my prints looks like a “V” when you look back at them.


So while running today I really focused on bringing in my feet and not running splayed foot. Looking at my footprints on the road I noticed that, I am still splaying my feet outward more than I should be, but not nearly as badly as I have in the past.

Still it feels awkward walking/running without splaying my feet, almost like I am attempting to walk pigeon-toed even though when I look down, I can see that they are straight ahead.  Slow and incremental change are what the book recommends and I have to be patient. Changing how I have run most of my life is not easy and will take more time than a day or two to get it to where it is automatic.

However, I did run sub 27:00 for my 3.2 mile course which is only the second time I have ever run it that fast. The thing is, I really wasn’t trying to run fast, just trying incorporate some of the things that I read, without having read very far yet. Based on just this little sampling, I am very encouraged.

While out running, I met one of the neighbors out running with her dog and the second time we met she stopped and wow you went to the top of the hill and back to here already, you must be a really fast runner. I just chuckled a little bit and said no – just an old and slow guy recovering from knee surgery and trying to loose a bunch of weight.  At the same time it did make me feel pretty good = good ego boost. No I didn’t speed up to show off after that either, too old to worry about that stuff. 😉

This morning when I stepped on the scale, I was very pleasantly surprised, I didn’t gain any weight during Christmas, I came in at 172. That is the lowest weight I have had this year and hopefully, now that Christmas is over, I can get off this plateau I have been on for the past few weeks and break through the 170 barrier.

If I did a bunch of doubles this week, I could get to 100 documented runs, but I am not going to do that. Why jeopardize an injury just to meet an artificial number.  I know that I did over a 100 runs already, but from mid-August to late October, I purposely didn’t log my runs, I just ran – no watch, no loggin = no pressure to do more than I should have been. This is a big change for me, in the past, I would have had to cross that 100 runs on my run log, now I am not running to prove anything to anyone but myself.

Quality of Run: Very Good
Weight: 172
Time of Run:  11:30 A.M.
Temp:  36F
Weather: Bright sunshine, slight wind out of the north that seemed to get stronger on the last lap.

Now to get back to reading some more of “Chi Running” and re-watch a few YouTube videos to help me understand what the book is trying to tell me after chapters 5 and 6.  So far the book is very interesting and I have a feeling if I commit to running this way, it will help me improve. We shall see as I read more, but my initial impression of “Chi Running” is very positive.