Didn’t Want to Run But Did – 12/25/11

Yep it’s sideways – about how I am feeling right now,
just tired and nope haven’t had a drink – yet 😉

This was my Christmas Day run and present to myself!  I had been reasonable at lunch and only had one piece of homemade pumpkin pie, piece of light homemade fruit cake and a homemade Needham. Not as bad eating as most years, but still more than I am used to.

By the time I got out and started running I felt blaaaaahhhh and didn’t really want to do it.

However, I wanted to make 20.0 miles for the week and only had 19.9 (accidentally on purpose), so I had to get up and get out if I wanted to get my 20 miles in for the week.

It had been flurrying (snowing lightly) all day and there was an inch or two of powder on the road, so the footing was not the best. After the first 1/2 I felt as though I was going to puke, so I stopped, went to the side of the road and got rid of a little bit of desert and dinner – felt a lot better after that. It was just too much rich food that I am no longer used to. I ran a little (lot) better after I got the “nasties” out of my mouth and got my rhythm back.

Christmas was very good to me and I even got some running stuff 😉 more about that later.

Quality of Run: I ran 😉
Weight: Christmas Day not weighing in 🙂
Time of Run: 3:35 P.M.
Temp: 22F
Weather: Light snow 1-2 inches on the ground, slippery

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope that yours was as good as mine was.