Cold and Sunny – 12/24/11

This was one of those cold days when I ran, it was 21F and the wind was a pretty steady 15 mph straight out of the North, although the sun was shining, there wasn’t any warmth in the air. I do notice that the colder and windier it gets, the slower that I go.

I dressed about as perfectly as I could for the conditions and didn’t feel cold inspite of the wind chill being in the single-digits.

The road was 90% clear, but there were patches of ice and worse, black ice that you had to look out for.

I really didn’t push too hard this morning, we had walked with Bennie 2.0 miles in snow and white ice, so my legs were pretty well toast even before I ran. However, the thing is that I ran and still enjoyed it, even though it was “cold”.

Quality of Run: Good
Weight: 173
Time of Run: 11:35 A.M.
Temp: 21F
Weather: Sunny – winds 15 mph out of the north

When I got back, TheWife told me that Bennie had been very upset that I had gone out and left him here, when I got back he wanted to play and then sit in my lap, until we ate lunch.

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays.