YakTrax The Winter Runner’s Friend

The cause of many of those long walks – The Bennie

This is a review of YakTrax, a product that I have used for several years.  In fact I have purchase at least four pair of them two for myself and 2 as gifts to other people.

YakTrax are simply something has worked for me and that I like to use/wear when it is icy or snow-ice outside, when I run or walk in those nasty conditions. I also carry them in my backpack if I am doing some winter trail walking and they have helped me get through some pretty treacherous areas while coming down a couple of icy trails, that I would have had to turn around and go back otherwise.

Instead of wasting a lot of space writing about how great YakTrax are, I decided to add in a vlog that I did earlier today on them.

I am still pretty new at vlogging, so be patient, but I thought it would be a good way to save having to write a lengthy review. Let me know what you think and yes I will get better with the video part of this as I get more experience.

Yesterday these are pictures of what we were walking on with the YakTrax on:

These are pictures from this morning:

The road down back had been completed iced over yesterday, melted and then last night re-froze, before it snowed this morning. So it made for some slippery walking and I hate to think how many times on both days I would have been on my butt, if I hadn’t been wearing the YakTrax.

As it was I did make one crash-landing this morning and Bennie came over and looked to ask what are you doing down here?  Wearing YakTrax make a huge difference in where you can go, when conditions are icy and nasty, but they are not foolproof.

As I state in the video I like my YakTrax and hope that I get a new pair for Christmas, they make a great present for the runner who insists on running in crappy weather.  But be forewarned, you can still fall wearing them if you are not paying attention and you will not be able to do your normal warp speed in them.

Unfortunately, they do wear out if you wear them a lot – mine have been, so I am ready for my new pair.

FTC Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation or free trials of any YakTrax product, this is simply something that I have used, liked and these are my thoughts about it.