Snow Was Not As Bad As I Thought – 12/23/11

View from fron steps

It snowed 4-5 inches out and I figured that by the time I got out to run it was going to be miserable. Like they say something happened on the way…it got nice in a hurry.

I had taken Bennie for his long walk and it was still snowing pretty hard, then I went inside to write a blog post and a vlog that go together. While I was inside it stopped snowing and the plow went by and the temp shot up to 43F with no wind.

I figured that I better get my butt out there and run ASAP, because the temps are supposed to get down to the single digits later.  I also had something to test out that I got in the mail yesterday and wanted to do it in warmer temps, so this was my opportunity. So I dressed only in running tights on bottom, wicking layer, long sleeve layer and cotton t-shirt w/my ball cap (along with shoes & socks).

After I got out there running, I wish that I had one of those plastic baggies I talked about in my Dressing for Winter Running posts. There was a little more wind than it looked like on the road and it was straight out of the North! Also I think something is wrong with the thermometer, it was definitely colder than 43F.

My test went fine today, I want to try a few more times to get a really good perspective on what I am using is making the difference, not the change in my running form, before I go and talk about it.

I was originally going to run my Brook & Howard Circle 5K course, but after walking with Bennie on it and falling once, even when I was wearing the YakTrax, that course didn’t seem like such a good idea. Doable yes, smart not so much.

If you look closely you can see the outline of a body – mine  😉

I figured that I better stay up on top today and did the 3.2 course again.

The run itself was just an easy one where I didn’t push, continued to work on form and got my feet totally soaked. The snow that was left on the pavement was turning to slush – Nasty. The Peregrines did a great job of navigating through this and even when I had to do ditch duty for the FEDEX truck near the top of the hill (not their fault – our driver is great, just was in a bad spot with another car coming the other way).

I was glad that I wore my Merino Wool Socks, even when my feet got soaked they weren’t cold.

Quality of Run: Very Good
Weight: 173
Time of Run: 11:50 A.M.
Temp: 43F – according to the thermometer – I think it lied though it felt a lot colder
Weather: Just stopped snowing – slushy and wet