Why Do I Want to Run?

I have been asked so many times “why do I want to run again? “You will just hurt your knee again.” “It’s not good for you.” and the one I dislike the most “You are too old!”
I have heard all of those negative things and many other similar comments about something that I love to do.

Many times by friends and relatives who think they are supporting me by telling me what I shouldn’t be doing. They believe they are helping me, by discouraging me from “hurting” myself by running.

All those things they say about running may or may not be true, but I am also stubborn, muddle-headed and want to do things I want to do. Not be pigeonholed, limited or stereotyped into something or someone who I am not.
So why do I want to run again?
The answer is:

  • I am a runner and have been one for a long time – it is something that I love to do.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes I have been injured, but strangely enough, none of my injuries over the four years have been related to running, they happened when I was doing other things. So that stereotype of the injured runner doesn’t hold true for me.  Now that the knee surgery is over, hopefully, the knee does hold up to what I want to do.

I am more worried that I will get impatient or feel too good and do some stupid training routines. I am not known for my patience and am a bit bull-headed (stoopid) at times, by trying to do too much too soon. Hopefully, I have learned some patience as I have matured. We will see on this one.

I have decided to do my daily running log and most of my posts related to running at my blog A Veteran Runnah. So if you are interested in my battle to get back in shape and the story of my return to running after almost four years of what seems to be injury after injury  see my 2008 to 2011 the Injured Years post. please follow me there.

I will also write, vlog and talk about different things that I have learned, tried, tested and thought about during my journey back to running. Who knows perhaps a race or two on the horizon.

Now to do the work, get out there and put one foot in front of the other and run.

All I know is it feels good to be back to being a runner – it is a part of who I am and something that was missing from my life for far too long.
Why do you run and what do you do when people tell you – you shouldn’t?

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