Ran in the Brooks Ravennas – 12/22/11

The day after – the mini ice storm. Last night and early this morning were a tough Bennie walks and I was really glad to have my YakTrax on and then at 10:00 A.M. we went out and still needed the them on the dirt road down back. They really, really made a difference and no I don’t have anything to do with YakTrax other than I have have purchased 4 pair either form myself or as gifts.

This is why we wore YakTrax this morning:

You can tell from the glare on the road that it is still glazed with ice and very slippery. Needless to say even though I had thought about doing my long run, both courses go through here and there is now way to run on this stuff safely, even with YakTrax. Discretion is the better part of valor, so I ran shorter up on top.

I found my Brooks Ravenna – the shoes that I bought that November – before I got injured in Feb 2010. I really, liked them then and only had put around 150 miles or so on them. So I was interested in how they would fit and feel after all that time. I don’t know but it feels as though my feet grew. They seemed very tight and my toes felt like they were going to jam against the front of the shoe.

A very different feeling than my Peregrines to say the lest. So how did they do, after getting used to the differences between the Peregrines and the Ravenna, they felt pretty good. The style of running you use and the feeling is very different, but very useable. Actually, the difference is just enough to work my legs slightly differently, which is a good thing.  So now I have my alternate pair of shoes for when the ground is clear and I don’t want to wear my Peregrines.  I will do a full review on them after a few more runs.

I don’t have to go out and purchase another pair of shoes and my Peregrines will last longer. Win-Win.

Today is December 22nd and I ran in shorts without a running jacket. This definitely the latest I have ever run in shorts in Maine during the Winter and it is now officially winter, not just late fall.  Crazy weather, but I will take it.

The run itself was pretty good and as I got more comfortable in the Ravennas I was able to pick up my pace without pushing too hard, I stayed at around 70% effort and worked on the new form.

Quality of Run: Good
Weight: 173
Time of Run: 11:30 A.M.
Temp: 47F

I was going to do a vlog today, but everything seemed to keep getting delayed or behind schedule, then we drove an hour north to visit with dad and that took all of the afternoon.

Will try a vlog again later in the week.