You have how Many Pair of Running Shoes?

The other day in one of my posts I mentioned that I had had a running shoe purge this summer and only had four pair of running shoes left – well I got looking around after that post and guess what – I lied! TheWife asked me to look around the house to see how many pair of running shoes that I actually have, so I did and there were six more pair than I thought that I had.

What shoes do I have around the house right now:

Top row: Brooks Ravenna, Saucony Pro Grid Propel Plus, Nike Air Flow
Bottom Row: Saucony Peregrine, Earth Rocket, Nike Dual Fusion
I had thought about a new pair of running shoes as a last minute gift to myself, so that I could alternate them with my current Saucony Peregrines (which I love). However, as I got to looking around the house, I kept finding old running shoes squirreled away here and there.
I also found some more after I took the above picture and they are down by the description, I wrote up for that shoe.

1. Saucony Peregrine

I have run in these exclusively since I bought them in November. They have done every thing that I have asked of them and more. The Peregrines have been comfortable, been on trails, tar, mud, snow, dirt and don’t show hardly any wear or tear, after over 100 miles. I would have to be really impressed by something else to not get another pair when I do go shoe shopping next time.

2. Brooks Ravenna

I know that I am missing my Brooks Ravennas, the last pair of shoes I bought for running before I injured my knee in Feb 2010 – still haven’t found them. I don’t remember them going in the great shoe purge of last summer. Maybe going through some of the old boxes out back is something I need to do to see whether I have anymore old running shoes hidden away.

News Flash – The Ravennas have been found!!! After I did the first draft of this post, I went searching for old running shoes. They were in the bottom of the front closet underneath the hiking boots and equipment. These only have about 100 miles of running on them, so they can be my alternate running shoes to the Peregrines. I knew that I was not loosing what little of my mind is left, when I said they they were around the house “someplace”.

3. Nike Dual Fusion

They were the shoes I got for running right after my surgery and turned into a great pair of walking shoes, until I somehow put a hole in the toebox when I tripped and fell on a trail walk. They are actually a really good pair of running shoes, but I wanted something to promote forefoot striking a bit more than they do.

4. Nike Air Presto
 I had 3 pair of these and this is the only pair still surviving. I used these as my treadmill running shoes from 2006 on and they still have plenty of life left in them. I did run in them a little bit this fall and wouldn’t hesitate to use them as my regular running shoes if I had to, they do promote forefoot striking.
Right now they are my alternate shoes if I can’t run in the Peregrines for some reason or other or if I was going to start doing track workouts again, these are the shoes I would use right now.
5. Nike Air Flow
This are my racing flats from around 1989, that had put in my old Coast Guard duffel bag and forgotten about them for a long time. I kept the Air Flow for the day that I started to race again. I ran for a while in them this fall and figured out that going to a more minimalist shoe was the direction that I needed to go if I wanted to change my form back to running more on my forefoot. Very light weight and a shoe that makes me want to run faster than I should.
6 & 7. Saucony Pro Grid Propel Plus
I got these while I was injured, because they were comfortable for walking and I wore them to work most of the time. I like them enough that I got 2 pair of them. They are also the shoes that I tried to run in most of the time while I was injured and not supposed to/not able to run very far before I had to stop.
 Recently I tried walking in them for a few days and my achilles began to bother me a little bit. They are a comfortable and cushy shoe, but now that I have gone to a lower heel with my other running shoes, the higher heel height seems to bother me more. One pair is in the front closet and the other is on the Goodwill give away pile. They lost their black laces to the Nike Dual Fusion – I didn’t like the bright red laces they came with and the inserts are now part of my winter boots.
8. Asics 2110
These were going to be my replacements for the Gel Kayanos, unfortunately they just never felt right for running to me at that time. I think they have about 20 miles of actual running on them, they have more time as lawn mower or work shoes than anything else.
These are a pair of shoes that I could get rid of without any problem, but I wouldn’t have the work shoes then.
9. Earth Shoe Rockets
These are the fabled “Earth shoes” with the Kalso negative heel 11mm drop – no heel. I got these back in November 2008, because I had been wearing the Earth shoes to work every day and they helped me with an injury that I had. I figured that the running shoes would help with my running too, well, I have never gotten past the discomfort in the calves that having a negative heel causes.
I imagine that if I actually committed to running in these shoes for a month or so, my calves would strengthen up and I would also run as a forefoot striker – no problem. However, they just feel heavy and clunky, but I don’t want to get rid of them just yet – in case I decide to commit to them someday.
10. Asics Kehana
Are a pair of trail shoes that I picked up when I started to run trails in 2006. They did a good job on easy trails, but they felt heavy and clunky. I didn’t like running in them, but they were so new and in good shape that I also didn’t want to get rid of them.
They have become my emergency shoes that I keep in the gym bag, in the back of the Subaru. If for some reason, I have on non-running shoes and get someplace and want to go for a run, I have a complete running outfit in the back of the car and these are the shoes that I would wear. Or if I get back from a trail run and my current running shoes are too nasty to wear in the car, I would put these on to wear home.
The reality is that
with ten pair of running shoes lying around the house, means that if I were to go out and buy another pair of new running shoes – as a Christmas present to myself, TheWife would probably make me go back to work. That is the threat she holds over my head if I start to spend too much money – unnecessarily ;-).
I wonder how many other pair of shoes, I have squirreled away in a box or tote somewhere in the back of the garage. When we do spring cleaning, I will have to check them out, you never know what surprises are awaiting me out there 🙂

How many shoes do you have?

Go ahead and actually pull them all out and count them. You might be surprised by the actual number that you have – I was.

Take a picture of the pile and put it on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. However, if your spouse/partner are not runners, wait until they are gone, so they are not shocked and really start to bitch about your running shoe fetish collection. Then go through the pile and give away the ones in good shape – get rid of the ones that can’t be worn anymore.

Yes I know that some have a special place in your heart – keep those if you really feel you have to and put a tag on them about why they are special to you – logged 500+ miles in them while training for which race?

Maybe it would be better to do a post about them and take some pictures for the memories but do you really need to keep the shoe being held together by duct tape that you will never put your feet in again?

I have a problem

How many running shoes do I know that I have right now – ten pair. How many am I giving away one maybe two. I know I am not taking my own advice – but they are shoes that I have made a connection with and you never know, I might need that extra pair of shoes to run in someday. After all I got rid of six pair when we cleaned the house and garage this summer.

TheWife says I have a problem with running shoes – I agree, but that is okay. The new running shoe reviews are coming out and I am reading them all. Will I stay with the Peregrines or will a new/different shoe strike my fancy, will I actually try the “VFF” shoe?  We will find out next spring, because I am not tempting fate by going out and buying a new pair anytime soon.