Racing A Car Down Back – 12/20/11

There just isn’t a whole lot of warmth in the air anymore. Today was 28F with winds out of the Northwest  between 10-15 mph, which is a lot better than earlier in the morning when it was blowing steadily at 25 and gusting to 40 or so mph. But getting back to the run – it was still pretty chilly.

I ran at a good pace, not trying to pick up any speed until the last lap and then picked it up to about 70% effort, then after I finished the 3.0 miles in 26:57, I went down the hill to the bottom Steven’s Gate to catch up to Mary & Bennie.

While going down the hill I tried to go faster than usual to see how the knee responded and try to stay ahead of a car coming up behind me.  Boy did I catch hell from Mary – she was worried about the car that was passing me and the dust covered ice – sort of afraid that I would fall and slip under the tires of the car.

I did my best “yes dear” and we walked back up the hill, but I felt good and had fun running fast even if it was only for a short distance. Only a slight ache in the knee.

Quality of Run: Very Good
Weight: DNW
Time of Run:  10:45 A.M.
Temp: 28F
Weather: bright sunshine 10-15 mph winds out of the NW

Tomorrow I will go over 200 miles for the year and I am pretty excited about it! Back in May I didn’t know if I would ever run again – lot of progress since then :-).