Brrrr First Cold Run – Colby Upper Trail – 12/18/11

After taking the day off yesterday the knee felt pretty darn good, so I figured that I would take it for an easy run. I usually run easier on trails, I am not in a hurry when I am doing them.

I was originally going to do the Messalonskee Stream Trail, but I got to thinking about how icy it might be and opted to go on the Colby Upper Trail which is a very easy trail, except for the hill in field.

The weather definitely felt like it is almost winter!  17F with a 10 mph wind straight out of the north – Brrrrrrrrrr. I over-dressed a little, but I wasn’t cold so I guess it was fine. Felt strange though when one of the CoEds was coming down the trail and all she didn’t have a hat or anything covering her hands, running jacket and shorts.

Here I was dressed like it was winter with mittens, lined wind pants and 3 layers and a running jacket. I guess that as you get older, you get colder easier.

I also tried running with my old iPhone, so I would be able to use one of the GPS programs and it was more of a distraction than a help. When I want to use one of the GPS programs, that I will just start it put it in my pocket and forget about it until I need to stop the program. I think that I will just keep the running simple from now on and only use the iPhone on trails that I don’t have any idea on the distance.

The run felt good and very minimal pain in the knee when I stepped wrong once. I like the Colby Upper trail as a nice change of pace, easy and laid back, it is about 1.6 miles for a loop, so I did 2.  The hill in the field got me both times and I just walked up it, instead of trying to do survival shuffle up it, probably got to the top faster that way.  I actually felt really good and the rest yesterday was needed.

I have a feeling that right now my body needs a rest day every week at this point in my return to running, so I am going to work hard at balancing my running with appropriate amounts of rest. Not good at this part of running, but I have a feeling that it is what I need to do now.

Quality of Run:  Good Easy Run
Weight: 174
Time of Run:  11:00 A.M.
Temp:  17F
Weather: Sunny, cold and 10 mph wind out of north