AVR Week In Review – 12/18/11

This week has been the week where I have learned that I need more rest than I have given myself lately. I love to run and in my mind I am still 25, but my body is telling me that “hey buddy you are a lot closer to 55 than 25, cut me some slack and rest more often.”
Running This Week
This week in a word: TiredThe first part of the week was too much for my current level of conditioning, one long run for me a week is enough now and 6.0 miles is a long run for me. As much as I might want to increase to 5.0 plus miles a day, I just am not in that kind of shape – yet. Be patient Harold and you will get there, be impatient and you will only get injured again. In other words train smart.
The good news was that I had a 26:05 for 3.2, which is faster than I have run in a long, long time. So I am getting in better shape, I just have to do it more slowly.
I am still on a plateau this week spending most of it bouncing between 172 and 174, which is still really great compared to where I was in June!
The right knee is continuing to groan and moan a bit more as I increased my mileage. It just isn’t ready yet, so I am going to back off this week and work back up slowly. Last week I talked about my lower back and didn’t sit in my easy chair all week and it has gotten better. I have a feeling it is how Bennie sits with me while I work on the laptop in my lap.
I ran in my Saucony Peregrines all week – I still don’t see any noticeable signs of wear or tear on the shoes. They have done everything that I have asked of them (trails, roads, muddy roads, a little speed work, snow, and slush) and then some.
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I do not (usually) intentionally promote any of my Running Log entries on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook, they are signified by a date after the title. Those posts are generally just for me to look back on to try to figure out where I have gone wrong in my training or what has been done correctly. I like having my training log here, because it is easy to find what I am looking for.
Of course you are more than welcome to look at them also and if you see anything that raises a flag to you about my running, please comment to give me a heads-up
Top Ten
Here are my top ten posts for the past week based on pageviews:
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9. Great Run – Time to be Careful – 12/13/11
10. 2000 thru 2007 – A New Beginning
Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Those of you who recently started following me on Twitter or Google+, thank you and I look forward to reading your tweets, posts, links and blogs also.
In the interests of transparency and since the Icebreaker post is still in the top 10 post list, I will continue to keep this information available to readers.
I was invited by the Natureshop to review 3 pieces (top, bottoms and glove liners) from the Icebreaker Merino Wool base layer clothing line. I have worn the Icebreaker base layer for most of my runs this week and at other times also.
So far they have worked as advertised and from my unscientific point of view, they seem to transport sweat away from my body better than the synthetic base layer clothing that I own. See my two posts so far: Icebreaker Base Layer Clothing Review and RunLog 12/8/11 – First Run in Icebreaker Base Layer.
Thank You again for reading posts from “A Veteran Runnah”.
FTC Disclaimer: I was provided with Icebreaker merino wool base layer top, bottoms and gloves to wear test in exchange for an honest evaluation of the Icebreaker base layer clothing on my blog(s) by the Natureshop. The fact that the product was provided to me at no charge, did not influence my review of these products. My review was based upon my personal experience with and use of these products.