Winds of Change – 12/16/11

This is really, really a weird year, when I ran today it was 45F and I wore shorts on December 16th to go running. Really, I am not complaining, just saying, I have lived in Maine for just a while and as long as I can remember running in shorts this late in the year. I have a feeling that all this good/warm weather is gonna drop like a rock all too soon.

No today the winds are coming along with the good weather and I have a sneaking suspicion these might be the vaunted winds of change, that precede the change of the seasons. We shall see, but it would be nice for my heating bill to have a few more weeks of this warm weather.

The run was primarily to focus on form. Last night I watched some of the PRS Training Videos after taking part in their Thursday night U-Stream (going back to Tuesday nights soon). I like a lot of what I saw, because that is the direction that I want to take my running form. Not saying that I did a great job of it, but worked at some of the things suggested and the tried a couple of the drills.

After watching the video, I also think that am trying to do too much to quickly and focus more on changing one thing at a time versus everything.

I have noticed my right knee is a little more sore lately, but it seems to be more under the knee cap than in the joint. I have a feeling it is the starting of some “Runner’s Knee” (chondromalicia patellae). Probably because I increased my mileage too rapidly and ran to damn many days in a row when I was streaking. So next week I plan to reduce my long runs to 3.0 miles and ensure that  I take Sunday off this week and see how it feels after that.

It hasn’t swollen up or anything, just sore while running. So I will be conservative and dial it back a couple of notches.

Quality of Run: Good
Weight: 173
Time of Day:  11:30 A.M.
Temp: 45F
Weather: Sunshine and wind speeds averaging 20-25 with gusts up to 40 mph.