Got Pretty Well Soaked Today – 12/15/11

Ahhhh just got to love 39F, 15-20 mph winds and rain, either gotta be crazy or really dedicated – in my case probably a little more on the crazy, but the dedication is there too.

I had to chuckle when I saw one of the neighbors going by shaking her head while waving at me. I can hear it when she get home now…”You know what that crazy old bastard up the road was doing? He was out running in this storm”… and well you all know what they say about crazy runners :-).

Actually the run itself wasn’t bad, once I got out there and got going, yes I procrastinated a little bit after, I got done walking 2.0 miles with the dawg in this nasty weather and needed to get myself warmed back up. Once I got back out there, I planned for a nice easy recovery run today, after 2 longer and one faster runs already this week.

I didn’t want to run down the back way, because while I was walking Bennie the dirt roads were already starting to glaze a little bit in places, no sense in pulling or twisting something when it isn’t slippery on the tar. So I ran up on top and didn’t slip or slide around a bit, just got pretty well soaked.

Trying to stay above 3.0 miles for each run this week, tomorrow plan on an easy 3.5 with some hills and Saturday try a trail run someplace (gonna be muddy and icy after today w/temps dropping). Sunday will either be a rest day or an easy 3 depends on how I am feeling.

Quality of Run:  Good recovery
Weight: 173
Time of Run: 11:15 a.m.
Temp: 39F
Weather: Raining, winds 15-20 mph from the south

Not a big fan of cold, wind and rain, but at least it wasn’t a freezing rain.