Easy Recovery Run – 12/14/11

Today was my Thursday long slow run, tomorrow is supposed to be freezing rain around here and I wanted to ensure that I got the LSD run in safely. I will probably run tomorrow any way, but running longer in freezing rain doesn’t really interest me all that much, especially when I can plan around it.

The run was thankfully uneventful and I just plugged along, going with my plan to go slow.  Actually my knee bothered a little bit at the end more than it does when I go faster, so maybe the form that I use running faster is more efficient and doesn’t pound as much – have to think on it some more.

More than likely it has something to do with 2 long runs and a tempo workout in last 3 days. Tomorrow will be a short easy day or a rest day, depends on how I feel tomorrow.

Quality of Run: Good recovery run
Time: 10:00 A.M.
Weight: 174
Temp: 38F
Weather: Sunshine and a 10-15 mph breeze out of the north

The best part of all, was there were still no dogs on this course :-).