Great Run – Time to be Careful – 12/13/11

Just a little air under the kicks 🙂

Another great day for running!

It was mostly sunny and the thermometer said it was 39F and I didn’t see the tree tops moving around too much, so I just wore my usual under layering without the running jacket, but definitely with the gloves.

It was fine until I turned around and found out that the wind was straight out of the north and coming down the wind tunnel (otherwise known as Philbrick Rd) at about 10-15 mph. I was a little surprised by that and just a little more chilly than I had expected to be.

Oh well, it helped me to run a little faster – yeah right.

Today I really focused on not crossing my arms completely across my body and kept working at maintaining good form. It was difficult for me to do without focusing on it. I have run with my arms crossing my body for a lot of years. Just have to keep at it. You can see in the photo that I still am crossing those arms.

The run itself was a GREAT tempo run! I wanted to see if I could maintain a “faster” pace than I have for a while and easily busted the 27:00 that had been my goal (I hadn’t run this faster than 27:51 before) came very close to breaking 26:00. The first time split was 6:46 for .9, then 14.20 for 1.8 and 21:55 for my last split, but I really slowed down a lot on the lap around Howard Circle, just didn’t have a lot left in the tank and the last little rise got the 5 seconds. No matter I was extremely happy with how I did. 8:09 pace for over 3.2 is better than I had thought I would do in reality.

I did have a hard time maintaining my arm swing focus, but when I did I ran faster, just have to keep doing it so that it becomes second nature.

This is very encouraging, but NOW I have to be very careful to not go out and beat on myself every run to go fast, have to be smarter than that.


Quality of Run:  Excellent
Weight: 172
Time of Run: 10:40 A.M.
Temp:  39F
Weather:  Mostly sunny with a 10-15 mph wind up the wind tunnel