2000 thru 2007 – A New Beginning

On top of Mt. Forest – Berlin, NH and yes the date on
the photo is not correct.

This is a post in my ongoing series where I am looking back at over my 40 years as a runner. I am not an elite runner – far from it.

This post will cover the years October 2000 thru 2007, which I consider the renewal of my running and personal life.

The new Millennium found my life in a complete upheaval and then renewal. A lot went on before I met TheWife in October 2000, went through our courtship, moving in and getting married in 2002. 2000 was also the year that I re-kindled my love of running. It did help that the then future TheWife was a runner and being runners played such a major role in our courtship.

I ran fairly consistently during these 7 years and even though I only raced once during that period, I ran a lot, figured out that I didn’t mind treadmills for running during the winter, love saunas, trail running and running with my wife. The conversations and discussions that we have and had while running together have helped us grow much closer than I think that we would have otherwise.

One of the times that I remember most, was I when I met her at the house one morning at 6:00 A.M. and ran 3.0 miles and then after the run getting my car and driving off, because her daughters were in the house getting ready for school. Why is this such a big memory?At that time I was working the 3:00 – 11:00 P.M. shift at a Group Home and lived an hour and a bit away from the future “TheWife” back then.

We had been talking on the phone that night after I got off work and when she told me she had to go, so she could get up early to go for a run. I volunteered to get up and go with her. She poo pooed the idea, but said that she would wait until 6:00 A.M. to go run – IF I SHOWED UP.

It meant that I had to get up at 4:45 A.M. drive down to her house – I got there right around 5:55 A.M. and we ran 3.0 miles, then I got back in my car and went back to where I was living. I think at that point she figured out that I was serious about her and like they say the rest is history.

Running Together

We ran several times together during the Courtship phase of our relationship, after we got married and still try to find time to run together, when we can 12 years later. I might be a little faster, but she is more consistent in her running and she helped me get out there and just run on days when I probably would not have. In other words she kicked my ass to get me off my duff and get it out the door. 🙂

A couple of years later we joined a local gym and I discovered treadmill running during the winter. I found it a lot easier to go for a run after work on the treadmill, than it was getting up a “oh dark 30” every morning and fighting the wind, ice, snow and cold that we have up heah in Maine. TheWife wasn’t as crazy about the gym as I was and continued to run outside in the mornings, so a lot of the time I ended up doing 2 a days.


Sometimes I really believe that I enjoy doing my speed work on the treadmill more than going to a track or doing fartleks on my courses. I have more control over the speed I am going and don’t go too fast or too slow. Plus I work up a lot bigger sweat than I do running outside. Maybe it is just that I enjoyed the saunas afterwards :-).

Trail Running

During 2006 and 2007 time that I started trail running (where I worked – had several miles of trails out back of the campus and I found several other local trails that were not too technical to run on. Since high school cross-country (which I disliked) I have gravitated back toward running cross-country type courses (Mr. Smith would have been proud) when I could find them.

I would go 2-3 times a week and even locked myself out my truck on one run and had to call the wife to come find me on a trail head up in Belgrade, to unlock the truck after she got off work. Got a good nap in the bed, while waiting there for her. She wasn’t too thrilled about it though.

I think I like trail running better than road running – there are no cars to fight with/avoid and you have to focus on running. If you get to woo-gathering while on a trail, you will find your face planted in that trail pretty soon. Running on trails does make me focus on what I am doing which is a good thing.

Maine Marathon Experience

I became a Special Education teacher in 2002 and had summer breaks off, which meant the schedule was more my own. After doing this for a few years, during which I usually did 2-a-day runs, one run in the morning and then running with TheWife after she got off work. I decided with all of this mileage that I was doing, that I was going to run in the Maine Marathon in October 2006 and entered that preceding January.

I trained hard that spring and summer and 2 weeks before the marathon, I did an easy 11.5 miles from home to my wife’s work in Augusta and hurt something in the back of my right knee. The knee was getting better, but not good enough to run a marathon, so I wasn’t able to attempt the marathon and had a DNS – that was so disappointing.

Silent Hills 5K

Yes it says 2004, but this was a left-over shirt given out in 2006

I ran the Silent Hills 5K my first race since 1986 in September 2006. I decided at the last-minute to run this race was after I injured my knee to see if my knee would hold up after a week of rest. It helped me decide that there was no way I could finish a marathon.

I completed this 5K in 24:56.

However, something that another teacher said to me, after the race, gave me plenty of incentive to start training for the 2007 race.

End of 2007

After the injury in 2006 I mostly rested moped around for about a month and started running slowly again.

The next summer we visited relatives in Arkansas and ran in the heat of an Arkansas summer – too hot for us, we won’t move there.

What the other teacher said to me at the Silent Spring 5k race in 2006, did make me want to shall we say “blow his doors off” in the 2007 Silent Hills 5K. I trained hard and did a lot of speed work that summer and was ready to go for a sub 20:00 minute time.

I had broken 21:00 in a solo training run on the course a few weeks before the race and felt like I had plenty left to go faster. But about 2 weeks before the 2007 race, the sponsors cancelled the race and I lost interest in racing yet again. I offered to race the other teacher one night after school let out when he made a sarcastic remark to me, but the teacher declined the invite.

I had gotten back up to 30-40 miles a week and scaled back to 20-30 while school was in session through the end of 2007, although I lost interest in speed work after not having that race. Looking back at it 2007 was probably my best running year, since 1986 and I felt pretty good about the direction I was going with my running at the end of the year.

In 2008 I was planning to actually join a local running club, I had done a bit of research and had the application all filled out ready to send. It was one of those New Year’s Resolutions and my goal was to run in some races that year.

But that all came crashing down on January 4, 2008 – more on that in my next post.

The reality is that

I was definitely were much more consistent in running during 2000-2007 than I was during 1986-2000 and owe a lot of that consistency to TheWife. She got me out there many times when I would have bagged a workout and sat inside playing on the computer or correcting papers.

I can honestly say that I enjoy being able to run with my wife, she understands my need to run and gives me time to go run when I need to, without barking at me when I go for that long run. I also understand her need to run and get away to have some alone time. Running has been an important part of our relationship and marriage.