Icebreaker Clothing – Passes the Stink Test

In my initial post of the Icebreaker Base Layer Clothing Review, I discussed the stench test.

This afternoon my wonderful wife informed me that I had a certain odor, when she got back from finishing up her Christmas shopping. I have been anxiously waiting for this day for the past week.

Stop and think, how crazy is it that a husband wants his wife to tell him that he stinks, but hey it is part my wear-test of the Icebreaker clothing, so it was worth it.

I got the Icebreaker base layer to stink, but stop and read what I had to do.
Since I received the base layer on Dec 7th, I have worn the Icebreaker Contour Crew top for 6 runs and the bottoms for 5 runs and then wearing them the rest of day until I shower later in the afternoon (usually 4-5 hours later after either sitting working on the computer or doing work outside). Yesterday on a non-running day, I wore both top and bottom all day long for a long walk and working outside.

To be honest I can’t remember ANY other clothing that I have ever owned that would have lasted this long before they started to stink and TheWife complain about how they smelled. Then again, it might have been me while in them too, when I took them off, they didn’t smell too bad, but I am a guy, who can’t smell worth a darn so what do I know :-). So I was very impressed!

We washed the Icebreaker base layer as directed and then hung them on the drying rack. They dried very quickly and when we gave them the sniff test – they didn’t stink anymore. I don’t know what Icebreaker does to their clothes to enable the claim of “no stink”, but it has worked as advertised in the short time I have had the base layer.

The gloves still do not have any odor and have become my favorite running gloves, because of their thinness which allows me to keep them on while doing many things that I have to remove my other gloves to do. However, they need a shell in windy or under 30F conditions, because of their thinness.

Needless to say I have been extremely impressed with the Icebreaker base layer clothing that were provided to me by the Natureshop to wear test. They have done everything as advertised (including the no stink) and their ability to wick sweat away from my skin to the next layer of clothing, easily surpasses my present synthetic running base layer clothing.

Actually, I had to remove the synthetic layer I was wearing over the Icebreaker top after stopping running because it was so wet after running, which wasn’t letting me warm up properly. When I removed the synthetic layer, within a couple of minutes the Icebreaker top was much drier and I was warming up.

During the past week, the Icebreaker base layers I was wear-testing performed flawlessly and I would recommend that anyone who is engaged in outdoor activities give the Icebreaker line a close look to see if they meet your needs. I know that when I decide to get new base layer clothing, that the Icebreaker line will be at the top of the list to look at for that new clothing.

I want to thank the Natureshop for the opportunity to wear-test their Icebreaker product and their commitment to provide quality natural products to choose from.

Full Disclosure: I was provided with a base layer top, bottoms and gloves to wear test in exchange for an honest evaluation of the Icebreaker base layer clothing on my blog(s) by the Natureshop. The fact that the product was provided to me at no charge, did not influence my review of these products. My review was based upon my personal experience with and use of these products.