Streaking – Not Good for Older Runners

Streaking can get you in a lot of trouble up “heah” in Maine this time of year, blue balls, shrinkage and nippy nips, not to mention the blue lights and guys in uniform laughing at you. Yeah I know bad joke and I couldn’t resist!  😉
Streaking – A bad thing?
Bennie resting on his dog
Stop and think about it streaking in relation to running – how can it be a bad thing?  It helps motivate you to run more doesn’t it?.
Personally, when I have a longer running streak going, I tend to focus on getting in a run in, more than how my body is feeling.
That is not, in my opinion a good thing.
We runners and exercise enthusiasts need to learn to listen more to what our bodies are telling us, not less and streaking in my opinion interferes with that.
A running streak for many people can take on a life of its own and become more important than the quality of the runs that they are doing. You get too wrapped up in ensuring that you get out there and running every day, whatever your minimum mileage requirement is. No matter what you are feeling like, if you are sick, what is going on around you or what the weather is outside.
You feel that you MUST complete that day’s run.
My Streak
As of yesterday I had a 21 day running streak going. Until this morning, I had planned to run today, to keep the streak going. However, while walking the dog on his 3.0 mile walk and listening to what my body was trying to tell me, I decided to stop the streak.
Back in November I got caught up in the Runner’s World running streak challenge – #rwrunstreak hashtag and extended my running streak beyond my self-imposed 13 day limit. I have attempted to justify why I could or should continue the streak, but in reality streaking there are no good reasons for me to continue it.
Why stop the streak?
To be honest, I need the rest more than I need a running streak.
This streak was beginning to bug me, I felt pressured a couple of times during it, to go out and just do a run to keep it alive, instead of listening to my body’s need for rest. This is one of those things that as I get older, I do have to pay attention to and rest more often than I used to. Otherwise I am setting myself up for an injury and that is not something that I want to go through again.
Also as a streak gets longer, it gets more difficult to let it go, that is why I plan on a rest day at least every 13 days, so I don’t get caught up in streaking, yet I allowed myself to get sucked into streaking, because I was feeling good and running good.
One of the main reasons that I was feeling that way was because I was being smart and resting when I needed to. Time to get back to being smart again.
Those who do
Those of you who have streaks going – I am honestly happy for you and hope that your streak continues for as long as you want it to and that it provides you the extra motivation to keep running when you may have missed a day otherwise.
Just ensure that you listen to your body closely and when it tells you it is time to end the streak, listen to it carefully. Otherwise you may start a different kind of streak and one that you will not be as proud of  – Days Not Run in a row – due to injury streak.
I just came off one of those injury – did not run streaks and I have no interest in starting another of those.
No Streaking
My goals are to be running well 10-20 years from now, not just today or tomorrow. How does streaking fit into those plans – it doesn’t. I can’t and won’t allow myself to be caught up again by others who are streaking or endorsing others to streak, it isn’t the direction that I want to take with my running.
Fortunately for me at this point in my running life, streaking just isn’t necessary as a motivation to be out there running. I enjoy running enough to be able to take a day or two off and still want to get back to running as soon as possible.
Streaking just gets me in trouble.
Now I remember a night back when The Streak was popular…well its probably better not to talk about that night 😉