RunLog 12/10/11 – The Sun is Trying to Come Out

We have had a lot of overcast/cloudy weather around heah lately it seems. During my run today the sun was trying its damnedest to come out, it felt pretty good, but that darn north wind was coming down the road at 10-15 mph – so while is was 39F it felt a lot colder.

Maybe that is why I ran a little faster than usual today. I wore the Icebreaker baselayer top and bottom along with the gloves, but that wasn’t the problem, my arms were cold with just the synthetic long sleeve shirt over my arms, wish I had had my running jacket on. Being cold though made it so that I wanted to get back inside so I went a little faster. Fastest per mile pace this year :-). Felt strong throughout the run and could have gone farther and maintained the pace.

I have been playing around with my old iPhone and while it doesn’t have any data plan, the GPS apps still work and I am trying to find one that I like so that when I do some trail running or go places I haven’t run before, I have an idea of how far I ran – not exact, but an idea.

After running I went in back of the garage and lifted light weights at high reps for a while. Part of the deal, just not the part that I particularly enjoy.

Quality of run: Very Good
Weight: 174
Time of Day: 10:45 A.M.
Temp: 39F
Weather: partly sunny winds out of the north 10-15 mph