RunLog 12/9/11 – No Freaking Dogs – Yipeeee

Today’s run was a planned longer slow run where I work on form more than how fast I get there. I enjoy these runs, there is not the pressure to maintain a faster pace and I just plug along comfortably.

Damn Dogs

The course I ran today is one I gave up in the past because of a Rotweiller mix and Dobberman that used to live along the route, who were allowed far too much freedom. I have driven through this area a bunch of times recently and noticed that neither dog was around, so I thought that I would give it a try again.

When I ran by the two places, I was all ready, but the dogs were no where to be seen and it was eerily quiet – no barking or anything. When I came back by (it is an Out/Back course) it became official – no dogs!!!!! No adrenaline burger today 😉

Actually I was a little worried, because these dogs were pretty aggressive and more than willing to defend their territory. Plus the owners are shall we say a lot less than responsive to your yelling for them to get the #%#%#$%#%#%%#%@@$$@$% dog. Now that I have done the course and not been accosted by those damn dogs, I will be running down that way more often.

I like this course because it is much flatter (only bumps, instead of hills) and there is a LOT less traffic on it. It is so nice to be able to run on this course again – happy days are here again.

Chi Running

I did work on my form and have been reading some ideas on form at the Chi Running website (one of my Christmas presents is the Chi Running book – I picked it out the other day), so I was attempting to incorporate my interpretations of some of those ideas into how I run. Some things seem good, others well I will have to read the book and watch some more videos on YouTube first.

I did feel comfortable throughout the entire run and even made it up that “Damn Hill” without too much difficulty 😉

The “Damn Hill” the long view – not a bad hill just where it is last .5 mile of run.
Stevens gate (the little road on the right) is .5 miles from my mailbox

Icebreaker Base Layer

The Icebreaker Merino top worked well again, and I am fairly certain that for me it causes my second layer to be wetter than my other synthetic base layers – in other words it is transporting the sweat away from my body more efficiently than what I had been using. The other part that I really like is that once I take off the synthetic second, it only takes a couple of minutes for the Icebreaker layer to warm back-up with my fleece top on.  It definitely takes longer for the synthetics I have, to dry and then be warm.

I didn’t wear the bottoms it was a tad too warm for them.

My fingers were plenty warm in the gloves, once I warmed up, they work fine without a lot wind.

Quality of Run: Great LSD run
Weight: 174
Time of Day: 11:45 A.M.
Temp: 39F
Weather: Overcast and 5 mph breeze fm the south