RunLog 12/6/11 – Running Back Bay Portland

View of Back Bay from where we parked. Looking back on
Portland, ME

The weather forecast said it was supposed to be a nasty rainy day today, so we went to Portland and did some Christmas shopping at the Mall, EMS and the Maine Running Company.

I admit it I am getting to be an old Grinch, nothing in most of the stores (even the Apple Store), really interested me, until I got to the Maine Running Company and if I had a lot of money I saw lots of stuff that could receive as Christmas gifts ;-), but not too much for others on my lists.

Enough of that the weather cleared pretty much while we were down there and we ran around Back Bay a 3.5 mile loop. It was 56F so I ran in shorts and synthetic shirt for base layer and a sleeveless over that one, with my ballcap – dressed absolutely perfect for the run.

I ran with TheWife and it was a great recovery run from yesterday’s longer one. We ran at a nice slow and steady pace and I felt good all the way around – I had a lot of energy.  We used to go down to Portland 3-4 times a year and always made time to run this course, we just like it. I think the last time I ran around it was in 2006 – the time for a lap was considerably faster, but you know something it was a lot more fun doing it with TheWife

You know something else, I am very jealous. Back Bay is a mostly flat course and it is the first flat course I have run since returning to running at the end of October. All of the courses up by me are rather hilly and it felt so easy doing a flat course. If I had a course like this up where we live, I am pretty sure that I could increase my mileage a lot more quickly. However, it just isn’t reality where we live. But I am jealous of those of you who do run mostly flat courses.

Writing about flat courses also reminded me that, the ortho surgeon who worked on my knee in May told me not run on hills. I looked at him and asked if he knew where I lived, he said yes and I said I know you live in the same town as me, so where in our town can you run where there are no hills (probably rather sarcastically)? He looked at me aghast and just walked away. So I guess I am not supposed to run on hills or question his orders.

He never was too thrilled with me any ways (I asked too many damn questions) or my being a runner and telling him I was going to run as soon as I was able to no matter what he told me. Needless to say I didn’t follow his “orders” and I am now running, it just took a little longer than I wanted.  Ten lashes with a wet noodle for me on that one.

I guess I will just have to keep running on hills and deal with the extra effort needed to go up and down them, because I sure as hell ain’t driving to Portland every day just so I can run on a fairly flat course and no I am not just doing track or dreadmill workouts.

Quality of run: Slow but good
Weight: 173
Temp 56
Weather: Overcast with the sun peaking through

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