RunLog 12/5/11 – First 6 Miler in a Long Time


It was 50 degrees out when I finished my run.  I have never seen a winter like this where I am still running in shorts – in December – in Maine. Something is totally weird, but instead of complaining about it, I am taking advantage of running in great weather and enjoying it, instead of having to slog through snow, cold and other things that sap the motivation to run right out of you.

Hey I got to wear my running shorts, synthetic base layer and running jacket, along with glove (anytime it is in the 40s, I start out with gloves on and stuff them down my shorts when/if I don’t need them anymore) and my Hi-Vis ball cap.  Surprisingly, I was about as perfectly dressed as I could be for this run and after the initial chill came off, felt very comfortable.

I had planned to run the course a few minutes slower at around 52:00 for the 5.5 and add on a 1/2 mile to give me a 6.0 mile total, so I just went out at a steady pace and plugged along – trying to run tall and land on my forefoot most of the time. Going up the hills on the dirt road was tough because I was tired, but feeling good otherwise.

I brought the camera along this time and got some pics of the course.

Going up the hill just past Annie’s Variety


Three turkeys in someone’s backyard. I see turkeys almost every time I run
this route.


The hill I really hate the most, right about where that vehicle is as a mail box
and it is blind the rest of the way up the hill. I have had to go pretty far into
the ditch to avoid getting hit by dump trucks, semis or other motor vehicles
right there. Probably the most dangerous place on any of my runs.


Obligatory shot of the beef critters at Campbell Farm


When I got down back most of the dirt road looks like this muddy and squishy.
This is that last hill before getting home, it just comes at a bad time in the run.


Okay just had to include it 😉

It was actually a perfect day for running and I felt really good except for the last two hills, but by damn I made it up them.  When I got to my normal 5.5 stopping point I got there in 49:43 which was a lot faster than the 52:00 that I had planned. This is the longest run I have had since I hurt myself on the final long run leading up to the 2006 Maine Marathon.

I am very encouraged, the knee doesn’t bother too much now and as long as I stay sane, should continue to make good progress.

Quality of Run: Very good
Weight: 174
Time of Run: 10:30 A.M.
TEMP:  50F
Weather: Partly to mostly sunny – to nice a day for December