RunLog 12/3/11 – No Shorts Today!

I love it when the sun shines, while I am running, unfortunately though, the temps are a lot more seasonable than they have been.   It was 39F with a 10 mph breeze straight out of the North.  No shorts today!

I actually dressed about as good as possible, synthetic base layer, cotton shirt (yeah I know, but was only doing a short run) and my running jacket, heavy weight running tights, gloves and ball cap. Felt comfortably dressed the entire way. I will get the hang of this layering thing yet.

The run itself was my easy run and I am trying hard not to get caught up in the farther/faster thing right now. So I ran well within myself and didn’t push. The knee is a little cranky and my right achilles felt a little tight, but nothing serious.

Quality of run: Good
Weight: 175
Time of Run 10:30 A.M.
Temp: 39F
Weather: Bright sunshine and winds 10 mph out of the North