Lion Becomes Snow Leopard

Over the past few months I have become more and more frustrated with my Mac.

It freezes, when using software, then the web browsers either have prolonged periods of the spinning wheel of death, “ah snapitis”, other browsers just freeze for 2-3 minutes and then unfreeze.  All of this was not what I had experienced on my MacBook Pro from when I bought it in late December 2009 until June 2011, when I installed Lion.

Prior to Lion, my Mac was reliable, quick and did most everything that I wanted. Initially I had been a reluctant convert to Mac, but as I got more into using Apple products they WOWED me at how well they “just worked”.  Based on that experience, I couldn’t wait to see the improvements that Apple would have in their new Operating System which they named Lion.

The first day it was out, I bought and installed Lion. Apple’s Lion for Mac – My Initial Thoughts were what I thought about it that day. Unfortunately, as I have used it since then there have been a lot of issues with Lion, which are well documented throughout the Internet and I experienced many of them. I kept holding out hope that Apple would update/fix Lion to the point where it “Just Worked”, after all it was a new OS and new Operating Systems are notorious for having bugs that get worked out over the first 6 months after release.

While there have been updates which fixed some issues, I got fed up with my Laptop not working at the level, I had become used to with Snow Leopard.  The other night I decided to try and reinstall Lion and ensure that I had all of the updates.  I was up to 12:45 A.M. re-imaging my Mac and when I finally had everything done, I attempted to use my computer and it acted no differently than it had before, I turned off my laptop and felt very frustrated when I went to bed.

The next morning I turned it back on and there were still all of the same issues that had been plaguing my Mac and re-imaging the Mac had made zero difference in performance.  At this point I decided to move back to Snow Leopard, which has been on my mind for a couple of months now and did a bunch of research on the Internet about the best way to do it.

I followed the directions I found over at GigaOM, which were pretty easy to do. The only thing that was difficult about it was waiting around, which is part of installing any Operating System.  It is a little more than just slipping in the Snow Leopard Install DVD, but not too difficult, except you need to hold down the Option Key instead of “C” – at least I did.

Now that I am running Snow Leopard on my Mac, the issues that were plaguing me have disappeared and I am “just using” my Mac now, instead of waiting for it, the damn thing crashing or swearing at it, when it freezes while I am doing something.

Lion works fine for many people and before I pulled the plug I talked with some that it was working great for them and didn’t understand my frustration. I do not know the reasons why Lion did not “just work” for me – it just didn’t.

In the two days I have been back to Snow Leopard my computer hasn’t crashed, frozen or done any of those other things that bugged me so much when I was using Lion.  For me going back to Snow Leopard has been a good solution.

What about Lion? Will I go back to Lion anytime soon? Probably not, it seems to be a bridge Operating System between Snow Leopard and IOS. While it has some really cool features that I will miss, the stability of my computer is more important to me than those features.

I have a feeling that I will stay with Snow Leopard for a while and yes my experience with Lion did leave a bad taste and will make a difference as far as what I will look for when I eventually have to buy a new computer, I will look beyond just Apple products. Before Lion I would not have said that.

So that is the story of how Lion became Snow Leopard again. I didn’t get into the gnashing of teeth, wanting to throw my laptop across the room a few times and the language that I used that is appropriate for most.  Sorry Apple Lion didn’t meet the “just works” threshold for me.

Snow Leopard may not be a perfect Operating System, but it “just works” for me.