RunLog 12/2/11 – A Just Do It Run

The past couple of days have been a regular pain in the ass, I have been having all kinds of computer problems and have been for most of the time that I had Lion installed on my Mac. Last night I was up until 12:45 A.M. reinstalling/re-imaging Lion and it didn’t work any better than before. So this morning I decided to go back to Snow Lion…which is now on my Mac. However, doing a complete wipe and then install, also means that you are going to loose things.

I have been playing around getting stuff back. Then this afternoon we made a trip to Oxford to our favorite book store down there (an hour each way), so by the time I got back I was pretty crispy and really didn’t feel like doing anything but sitting in the easy bastard chair and go to sleep. A couple of months ago that would have been what I did.

Instead of sitting in the chair and sleeping, I very reluctantly went in got changed, walked out the door and went for an easy 2.0 mile run. After I got started, I got to feeling better and decided to do my 3.1 mile course and I did. It was not the fastest time of the year, but I feel good about it, because I did it even though I sure as hell didn’t feel like it when I got home or when I walked out the door.

I didn’t try to pick up the pace, just slogged along and finished. It felt good to just finish.

Day 13 of my current streak, I am going to try to streak to 1/2/12. Even though I said no streaking, going to play it by ear, not worried about days off yet, not like I am going that fast or hard, so should be fine.

Quality of run: A Just Do It Run and I got it done.
Weight: 173
Time of Day:  3:45 P.M. it was pretty dark when I finished
Temp: 40F
Weather: Overcast

Now to get back to fixing up the blog, still not happy with the theme, but will get one soon that I really like. Especially now that my Mac is running right.