RunLog 12/1/11 – Just a Recovery Run

It is still unseasonably warm here in Maine, but the sun is shining and I was still able to wear shorts today and not feel uncomfortable. The weather this year is weird to say the least.

Really worked on my form and it seems to be paying off, this was an easy recovery run, where I didn’t push at all or try to kick at the end – felt strong and in control the entire run. Could have gone farther and faster without any problems, but I had my long day on Tuesday and a quality workout yesterday that included a little bit of speed work.

I don’t care what anyone says, even if you do a little speedwork, you feel it the next day if you pushed yourself at all. I know that my hamstrings were barking at me pretty good during the whole run!  They were letting me know they didn’t appreciate being worked like that yesterday.  Well boys get used to it at least once a week. 😉

Quality of Run: Good
Weight: 174
Time of Run: 10:45 A.M.
Weather: Bright sunshine 10-15 mph breeze out of the North