RunLog 12/1/11 – Just a Recovery Run

It is still unseasonably warm here in Maine, but the sun is shining and I was still able to wear shorts today and not feel uncomfortable. The weather this year is weird to say the least.

Really worked on my form and it seems to be paying off, this was an easy recovery run, where I didn’t push at all or try to kick at the end – felt strong and in control the entire run. Could have gone farther and faster without any problems, but I had my long day on Tuesday and a quality workout yesterday that included a little bit of speed work.

I don’t care what anyone says, even if you do a little speedwork, you feel it the next day if you pushed yourself at all. I know that my hamstrings were barking at me pretty good during the whole run!  They were letting me know they didn’t appreciate being worked like that yesterday.  Well boys get used to it at least once a week. 😉

Quality of Run: Good
Weight: 174
Time of Run: 10:45 A.M.
Weather: Bright sunshine 10-15 mph breeze out of the North

Back to A Veteran Runnah and Why

Azure Theme Screenshot 12/2/

During the past month, I have been writing a lot about running over at “One Foot In Reality”, in fact writing about running is pretty much dominating what I have been writing about there.

When I started really running again at the end of October, we decided to include all of my running related posts there, not realizing how much I would be writing about running, when I wrote the post – No I don’t Need a Niche Blog for Running.

Writing about running was not the purpose of that “OFIR”, which is for my wife and I to write about our adventures in early retirement, living simply and a little about health, with a bit about running.

After only a month of including running in my writing at “One Foot In Reality”, I have decided to move writing about running back to its own niche blog here on “A Veteran Runnah”.

When I was doing the November Monthly Review post for OFIR yesterday (which I still haven’t finished), I really saw how much I have written about running.  We had 71 blog posts in November and only 16 were not in some way related to writing about running.

Talk about dominating the blog and running surely did for November.

Changing Focus

It was pretty clear that if I continued to write about running, at that pace it would change the focus of “One Foot In Reality” to a running blog. Which wasn’t and isn’t the plan for OFIR. In order to keep the focus of “OFIR” where we originally wanted it something had to change.


Based on those realizations, I can see that I was wrong about not needing a niche blog for running. After November’s flurry of writing about running, it is fairly obvious that I do.  Last night I went around looking for a relatively simple theme that I liked and resurrected “A Veteran Runnah”.

Then I transferred most of my running related posts to here and am going to use it as my running blog, I still have a few more posts to transfer from earlier running related posts, but that will happen as I can get to it.

It will take a while to get the readership up to the level of One Foot In Reality, but that is part of the fun and challenge of blogging, to see a new blog grow and prosper.

Welcome Back

So welcome back to A Veteran Runnah. This is and will be my running blog that will focus on my trials, tribulations and triumphs as a runner.  Oh I imagine that there will be a cross-post or two about running to One Foot In Reality and some stuff that isn’t really running related cross-posted from OFIR to A Veteran Runner, just to show that I do more than run.

If you were following me at One Foot In Reality for my running related posts, please update your RSS feeds or reader to A Veteran Runnah or Follow me using the Google Follower widget on the sidebar.

Wish me luck on this new blog and I hope that you continue reading about my adventures in running.