Saucony Peregrines after 60 Miles of Running

Back on November 7th, I purchased a new pair of Saucony Peregrines, since then I have run in these shoes 19 times and have put 62.3 miles on these shoes.  So how have they been?

In a word:  FANTASTIC

Initially I was thinking that they don’t have enough cushioning to be comfortable running shoes for me.  As I have worked on my mid foot strike which the Peregrine promote, the need for the extra cushioning has been much reduced. The Peregrines encourages me to use a mid foot landing instead of landing on my heels and I really believe that once this become more second nature that it will allow me to run more – probably my faster days are behind me. 😉

The first day that I had them I ran 3.2 miles on a course with a few small hills and mostly dirt road and they felt pretty good. Since then I have run on a trail run and was super impressed with the traction and responsiveness when navigating tree roots, rocks, mud and wooden decking (which can be slippery as all get out). The mud did cake in a little bit but a quick stomp/kick to a rock or tree cleared most of it out quickly.

Messalonskee Stream Trail

I ran in the day before Thanksgiving Nor’easter and didn’t have any problems with traction in, slushy, snow covered roads, that I had issues slipping around on with my PacBoots. So I was very impressed with their performance that day in the snow.

Saucony Peregrine tread pattern in the snow

Then I tried a different trail run (one with 3-5 inches of wet melting snow on it) and while my feet got pretty wet this time (I wore wools socks for a reason), the traction on the snow covered trail was amazing as long as I stayed off icy sections and in the snow.

UMA trail

Over this time I have also done my long runs on mostly tar country roads in the Peregrines. I know, I know a long run for me is different than a marathoner’s long run, but right now for my present level of running it is a long run. The Peregrines have done very well for my 5.5 miles runs. No hot spots, no pain in my knee, and they are light.

When I have to dart into the ditch to avoid dump trucks or semi’s or stupid trucks, I don’t slip and slide all over the place and fall down (which I have in the past) – you never know what kind of footing you will find in a ditch, when a dump truck decides it ain’t moving over – you will move and pretty quickly).

The reality is that

the Saucony Peregrines have in a short time gotten on my top 10 list of running shoes. I have feeling that this will only improve as I run in them more. Going back to a more minimalist running shoe seems to be the right direction for me, if my first month in them is any indication.

Overall impression

A very comfortable, well made light weight trail shoe that I am using for all of my running right now. I am glad that I went a 1/2 size larger than usual though, my toes have plenty of room to splay out, have room for wool socks and they are still the same weight or lighter as many of my so-called “racing shoes” from my earlier days in running. They are what we used to call low-rise heel and in many ways remind me of my favorite running shoe – the Blue Adidas Marathon Trainer with the Dillinger Web.

So in case you haven’t guessed, I am very impressed so far with the Peregrines and look forward to seeing how they hold up for over the next six months. They are definitely worth taking a second look at if you are looking for a pair of running shoes for the winter or to trail run in and if they continue to impress me, I might find a place for a second pair, next Spring.

Disclaimer: No one has paid me or provided free samples of this shoe to write a review, I purchased the Saucony Peregrines with my own money and this review is simply my thoughts on a product that is working for me so far.

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