RunLog 11/28/11 – Easy Run

I couldn’t believe it the weather today was warm enough for short and a long sleeve t-shirt! The sun was coming out just as I started running, after it being cloudy most of the day. It was a perfect day for a run. I am learning to not run, right after doing a long walk with Bennie, the immediate double workout takes too much out of me right now.

Maybe when I loose some more weight and get in better shape it won’t bother me, but right now it does.

The run itself was good, going out I was pretty stiff from yesterday’s trail run in the snow, but after a quarter of a mile, I loosened up and felt fine. I got through 2.0 in 17:09, but the hill killed me and even though I tried to maintain my form couldn’t. It is getting there though, because without trying I cut 1:06 off my time for this course.

I even noticed that a lot of my whattle chin is gone when I looked in the mirror this morning 🙂

The knee is a little sore, so it is probably time for a day off pretty soon, maybe Wednesday, it is supposed to rain cats and dogs, we will see how it feels tomorrow.

Quality of run: Good
Time of Run: 2:45 PM
Weight: 177
Temp: 54
Weather: Sun breaking through the clouds, wind about 10 mph out of the South