Week In Review – 11/27/11

My Week In Review is a little early this week, but I don’t think it will make much of a difference on anything.

We made it through Thanksgiving without any major meltdowns or joining over-eaters anonymous as a full-time member. I had some moments of weakness and a few too many sweets (TheWife’s homemade pumpkin pie – who wouldn’t), but other than that I did better than I ever have.

It was a really good week overall:

I opened a new Facebook account even though I really, really didn’t want to do that. However, not enough of my friends and family have migrated to Google+ yet and I am a nosy old fart, who wants to know what they are doing. Re-opening a Facebook account allows me to keep in contact with all those people. Hopefully, they eventually find out how great Google + is. Time will tell on that one.

The N’orester last Wednesday gave me my first real try at winter running and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt. Running has been going well and the knee lets me know when I am not being smart running. The Saucony Peregrines are becoming a favorite shoe of mine.

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I still pretty focused on writing about running this past week, but running just seems so easy to write about since I returned this time back in October.

This weeks top posts based on pageviews:

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  4. In Search of the Mythical Perfect Running Shoe
  5. A New Facebook Account – ARRGGGHHHH
  6. Thanksgiving Blizzard 2011
  8. What are Your Winter Training Plans?
  9. I am Thankful for Slowing Down
  10. Seven Things About Me – Meme

Only 3 of 10 posts are left-overs from before my retirement in June, this has been changing slowly and now is at a more acceptable (to me) ratio old to new posts than it has been for a long time.  Using Evernote as a Task Manager has been on top for a long time and I have a feeling it will stay there for a while longer.

Below is my weekly summary of my running:

I didn’t increase my mileage more than 10% and ran every day. That means sometime this upcoming week I need to take a day off. I had a nice variety of runs and even got under the 9:00 minute pace per mile on several of the runs. The trail run at UMA was further than 3.0 miles, but I just listed it as three. I didn’t count backtracking to find my camera, even though I left the time running.

This coming week should be an interesting week, as I have to get some Christmas Shopping done and I hate shopping or crowds, unless I am looking for new running shoes, which I am not —  ;-).