Thanksgiving Feast Excess – Not Too Bad

Yesterday, was Thanksgiving, one of those days where you can eat and over-indulge without feeling overly guilty about it. I don’t know about you, but yes I did my share of feasting. Here is how my day went:


1/3 cup quick oatmeal, 1/3 cup blueberries, cinnamon and honey and a banana
16 oz of black coffee

A.M. Snacking

Small brownie

Feast Time – urrr Lunch

Turkey – 2 cuts of breast meat and seconds the same
Potato – probably about 3 servings
Carrots – from our garden
Turnip – from our garden
Squash – from local farm
Homemade yeast rolls dry – 3 of them
Cranberry sauce – homemade
Crushed red peper on most everything instead of butter/margarine
Homemade pumpkin pie (pumpkin grown in our garden)
Sparking non-alcoholic grape drink (I have it once a year)

It was a very good meal!!!!

P.M. Snacking

Small Whoopie Pie
2 small pieces of brownie
Green Tea
Large Grapefruit


Toasted dark meat turkey sandwich with sharp cheese melted on
Wise potato chips probably 3 serving sizes
Green Tea
One more slab of pumpkin pie

Evening Snacking



Walked Bennie 1.0 mile first thing.

I did get a 2.0 run in during the morning, but once the clean-up was over, it became a football extravaganza and last night I spent most of it drafting a new blog post.  Overall, I was not as bad as I usually am on Thanksgiving Day. No food induced coma in my chair

Bennie evening walk .5 mile

The reality is that

usually, for me it is the 3 or 4 days after Thanksgiving that are the real killers for. The leftovers need to be eaten up, there are usually too many deserts left lying around that I can’t resist and my activity level goes way down.  This year it is a little/lot different, TheWife only made brownies and pumpkin pie and there is only one piece of pie left and the brownies are almost all gone. The whoopee pies are still in the freezer.

The food was plain and wholesome, no fancy recipes, most of the veggies were boiled and the mashed potatoes didn’t too much many “extras” in it. Instead getting a 15 pound bird, we got an 8 pounder, so leftovers are a lot less this year than in past years. The deserts were all homemade.

So hopefully, unlike many past years where Thanksgiving is the beginning of the seasonal splurge in eating, it looks as though it will be a lot more healthy and a LOT less junk food going down my pie hole. You know all those things that people bring in to eat over the Holiday season, trying to show how nice they are.

Yes I did eat too much yesterday, but it really, really wasn’t as bad as most other years.  My sweet tooth raised its head and said feed me and I did more than I should have, but even that was moderate compared to other years where I would gorge myself on anything with sugar in it.

I looked at the scale this morning and it was up only 2 pounds and that will go away pretty quickly as long as I keep paying attention.

How did you do during your Turkey Day feasting…look back at the whole day, not just the meal 😉

Do you have a food hang-over today?