RunLog 11/25/11 – Glad I Waited

I am really glad that I waited to run after the walk with Bennie this morning. After walking almost 3.0 miles on the snow and white ice, my legs were toast and I needed the rest between workouts. Luckily the weather was great today, getting into the low forties, bright sunshine and very little wind.

I have a feeling that if I had run immediately after the walk, it would have been one of those runs where the pain would have over-ruled the ecstasy.

No when I started runningtoday I was stiff and tired and it took about the first half mile to get into a rhythm. When I cam back down the hill, I started to feel better and got my wind, from that point on it was just a question of keeping up the pace. On the last lap I did pick it up a bit and really focused on my form.

I actually felt pretty good once I got going and didn’t have any residual affects. Now if I can just stay away from the left-overs, I will be fine!

The pace per mile was the fastest I have done in a long time.

Overall run impression was very good run.
Time of run: 2:45
Weight: 178
Temp: 41F
Weather: Bright sunshine, light breeze

By the way – that homemade pumpkin pie is GONE!