RunLog 11/24/11 – Turkey Day Easy Run

Today was bright sunshine, but the high was only 30’s when I ran.

After yesterday’s Blizzard run, snow removal and waiting up late for a relative arrive, I was really tired this morning. I knew that I was going to run this morning, but really wasn’t into the idea today.

On top of that the footing was still pretty sketchy, so I just ran a real easy 2.0 without pushing very hard at all. Luckily the snow plow came through (yes they were out plowing on Thanksgiving – this is something new this year and much better than in years past) and scrapped up a lot of the snow/ice on the roads and put a little bit of dirt down, which helped out the footing issue for the last lap

The run itself was uneventful and I just plugged along, I had thought about running 3.0, but Mary & SD#1 were at the driveway after walking Bennie, as I was finishing my second mile and I just decided to call 2.0 good enough. My legs were tired and it is probably just as well that I had an easy day.

Quality of run: Easy recovery run

Time of Run: 10:30 A.M.
Weight 176
Temp: 37F
Weather: Bright Sunshine, wind less than 5 MPH out of the North