A New Facebook Account – ARRGGGHHHH

Back on October 19th, I deleted my Facebook account, because of the reasons listed in my Facebook Deleted – Permanently blog post.

I still feel that same way, however…while I really love a lot about Google+ and have had a lot of very good conversations there, it still seems that a lot of people that I know/follow are not leaving Twitter or Facebook to migrate over to Google+.

During the past month my wife has had to tell me about some things that she learned about through her Facebook account about what was going on in my family.

To be honest I am still not a big fan of Facebook and how they have done things, but it is still where most of my family and real-world friends can be found and where they have their conversations, which I have been missing out on for the past month.

Okay I admit it – I am nosy.

As a result of being so nosy I created a new Facebook account last night, to get back in the loop with what is going with family and friends. It is a very, very basic Facebook account, not much information in it and I don’t plan to use it for much beyond my family/friends, use the Networked Blogs app or an add an occasional business there, unless it really wows me this time.

Yes I could have petitioned to re-activate my old account, but I preferred to do a new account. This will be a fresh start and I can use what I have learned to have more control over the info that I provide/release than that previous account.

I still plan to use Google+ as my primary social media hub, but until more family and friends decide to move there, I have a need to maintain an account at Facebook, be active on certain Twitter #hashtags and maintain a LinkedIn account.

It seems that I need a social media tool for

  • good conversations – Google+
  • personal conversations – Facebook
  • quick conversations – Twitter
  • professional contacts – LinkedIn

This seems like a lot of different places to be, but for now it is the way it is.

Like everything else on the Internet, I guess there is no such thing as permanently deleted.

Therefore I publicly admit in the same manner that I deleted it, that

 I should have kept my old Facebook account instead of deleting it.

Having to eat crow in public really does suck and having to admit that I created a new Facebook account last night to meet a need that Google+ was not meeting at this time sucks even worse.  Oh well welcome to the age of specialization 🙂

So if you are a personal friend or family and want to add me back to your Facebook, please look me up or be expecting an email from me asking to be your Facebook friend – again.

Are others out there finding this to be the case for them as well?  What did you do?

RunLog 11/21/11 – Brrrrr

Today was the first day that our thermometer never got out of the 30’s, which means its almost here – winter.  I judge it to be winter, not when the calendar says it is, but when the thermometer has “one of those days” that it doesn’t get out of the 20’s.  It is getting closer to that day.

We took Bennie for his long walk of 3.5 and then I ran right after we got back.  I am finding that that “double” is still tough, but will either get used to it or just be tired a lot. This is just one of those suck it up and do it things that I am going to have to put up with.

The run itself, was just an easy one, didn’t push at all and just plugged along to get it done. I do like being out in the sunshine, even if it doesn’t have a lot of heat to it. The bad part of today’s run was that the wind was out of the North and coming back down the road it was right in my face at about 10 mph, made for a colder run. Gotta get used to it though, it is going to get colder.

Overall quality of the run: Good

Weight: 178
Time of Day:  11:30 AM
Temp:  38F
Weather:  Sunny, breezy, winds 10 MPH from the north