RunLog – 11/20/11 – First Trail Run in 4 Years

Last night on Twitter @iRunnerBlog asked what we were doing tomorrow (today) for a run and I responded back

Well I did the trail run that I said that I was going to do. I went over to Messalonskee Stream Trail in Oakland, Maine and ran the trail. Looking back at some old records that I was able to resurrect, in the past I called this a 4.0 mile run (although it is probably closer to 3.8 according to GPS), I will just keep calling it 4.0 to be consistent with my past numbers.
Messlonskee Stream Trail Head

This was the first trail run, that have I completed since 2007 and I had forgotten how different a running style running trails is compared to road running or even two tracking, besides being a lot slower for the same distances. I didn’t remember there being this many roots on the trail, but it is a very popular place to walk and gets a lot of use.

Right now I don’t have a lot of confidence with my knee on uneven/slippery/muddy surfaces and just was slower than I will be in the future. However, if I continue to keep running trails the knee will become stronger.

How did the Peregrines do?

They were fantastic! The grip was better than other trail shoes that I have used in the past and when I hit muddy spots they didn’t cake up, but just shed the mud quickly. The Peregrines did everything I expected of them, a good solid ride, good transitions on different terrain, (mud, leaves, slickrock, pine needles, boards, bridges), uphill in loose gravel and I didn’t slip and slide around. As I run more in the Saucony Peregrines, the more I like them.

Messalonskee Stream Trail – raised section of trail at mile marker 1.5

Trail running is something that I missed doing and today made me realize why. When you are running on a trail you are very focused in on the moment, your mind is not wandering, you are not wool gathering at all, you are locked in on what you are going to do next, where you are going to put your feet, what track you are taking over or around the next obstacle, or how you are going to attack the next hill. I know that I was so focused that I didn’t notice the little things that normally distract me while I am running.

Messalonskee Stream Trail – going up the tough hill, made worse by the leaves

I ran slowly, but steadily throughout the course and only walked going up the hill to the powerline, where I walked even when I was running this trail a couple times of a week. So I felt really good about the run and think that taking yesterday off was a really good thing to do. Rest has to be a part of my work out schedule – I am not 25 anymore and need the extra rest to avoid injury and be healthier.

It was fun to just run.

Quality of run – Very Good!

Time of Day: 9:30 A.M.
Weight: 178
Temp: 48
Weather: Overcast and light showers