RunLog 11/16/11 – Made it Around Again

Running by the Campbell Farm

I think after today the streak of good weather will be over. Today it got up to 62 and bright sunshine when I was running. I worked up a really good sweat and best of all I did the run that planned to do today.

Yep l did the Middle Road Loop, my 5.5 mile course with 7 hills/bumps to contend with. I know that the surgeon didn’t want me to be running hills (or any running – yeah right), but where I live that is pretty much an impossibility, so I have to deal with it.
Again, I made it all the way around the course without walking and cut just 41 seconds off my per mile pace and cut my time from 53:28 to 49:45. I didn’t really push through the entire course, just focused on running at a steady pace.

I am going to just call this a new course record, my electronic running logs from 2003 on, are not available to me – my electronic running log is no longer supported and when I tried to export the data on my external hard drive, it didn’t. :(. So everything I do the rest of the year will be course records.

I have a feeling that as I get older, I am going to be looking at annual records, instead of personal records. But hey that is part of getting older, you just don’t PR as much as you used to.  I guess I am going to have to find some odd distance races to actually get PRs.

Also when I stepped on the scale this afternoon, I made a major milestone – I am no longer almost or just about, I have now lost 20 pounds since I retired on June 17th.  Definitely, making progress!!!!

Very good run!

Weight: 176
Time of day: 10:45 A.M.
Temp: 62
Weather: Sunshine 10mph breeze out of the South