RunLog 11/14/11 – All is Good!

Last night I participated in my first #runchat (check out the website) and it was a lot of fun, talking with like minded people about a subject that I have some knowledge about and I can actively contribute to.  The hour went by way to fast and now I have yet another Twitter chat/community that I plan to participate in and hopefully contribute something to.

I can’t believe this stretch of weather we are having, another absolutely gorgeous day in Central Maine! Sunny, 63 degrees and a 10 mph southerly breeze.  I am not used to being able to run in shorts this time of year since I moved from Virginia back in the 80’s.

Sort of a double workout again today, we took Bennie on a walk down to the Brook and back, then I ran down there and back. So I was able get some pictures of where I would be running.

The Brook


Looking at the Brook turn around on the right
Looking up the hill from the turnaround point

I like this couse because except for the parts up by the house, it is all dirt road, a little easier on the old body.  It is still challenging though for me at my present level of fitness, it has a few bumps and then about a 500 yard gentle uphill and then about a 1,000 yard uphill that just seems to go on forever. It doesn’t, but it is close to the end of the run and is just in the wrong spot.

The knee was a little more tender than it has been, but nothing to really worry about, I have used and abused it more in the last couple of weeks than I have in a long, long time. It does feel a hell of a lot better than it before surgery in May, so I am just going to keep pushing along.

Today I started out pretty slowly, just letting the body warm-up as it wanted to instead of trying to push, the course is pretty much downhill, so my splits are most usually out of wack from the way you want them.  It also means coming back is pretty much uphill. The last long uphill, almost got me today, but I survival shuffled up to the top and just kept going, I was proud of that, because in the past, I have tended to give up and walk up it. NOT THIS WEEK!!!

At the end I was able to pick it up a little and ran the course 15 seconds faster than last time.

I can tell that I have been running more, my right hip is doing its old and normal grumbling about getting back in shape and will stop after a few 20 mile weeks.  The other way is that I looked in the mirror and thought that I might have seen a couple of ribs when I stood up – that would be a big sign of progress.

Weight 179 (a little up from a good weekend of leftovers from the wedding)
Temp: 63
Weather: Sunny and clear – supposed to rain later.

All is good in my world, I am running again.