Processing the last of the Garden Stuff

Lately, it seems like I have been writing a lot about running, well we have been doing a lot more than just running. Our todo list has just about been finished and the produce from the garden processed. We are definitely hitting the stretch run before winter.

Today we wanted to work on getting a couple of the pumpkins processed today, below are the pictures:

While I was working on cutting up the pumpkin, TheWife was making Coffee Cake muffins, some of our favorites.

 I know what I am having with my evening coffee tonight. 🙂

We didn’t finish the pumpkin project this afternoon, we stopped with 1/2 of the large pumpkin left. TheWife got 10 freezer bags of pumpkin and they will be used up in muffins, spreads, pie etc. Luckily we are not in a hurry and will work on them some more tomorrow.

No the only really big project that we have left is the moving the dirt piles to where they need to be, but that is a project that will not be finished until next summer. I tried to shovel some today, I do not enjoy shoveling something very close to mud and having to slam the shovel every time to release the dirt. So I have given up on this project until the dirt dries out a lot more.

These are all just a part of living simply, frugally and a lot healthier.

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