Should Running be a Category on One Foot In Reality?

I am in a big of a quandry and will need your help to figure out what I should be doing next.  There is a very quick survey at the end of this post that I am asking you to check one box or the other after reading this post.

Today I was going through my Google+ stream and came across a link to the blog The Glamorous Life by Marcy Massura and her newest blog Smile. You are On TV.

The main premise of the blog was that:

“Many times I hear about bloggers starting entirely new blogs to be able to express themselves about a hobby or interest that they have determined isn’t the right ‘fit’ for their current blog. And I laugh when this happens. Have you forgotten? Bloggers do not have bosses. We do not have critical editors or focus group reports or corporate big wigs breathing down our back and telling us what we can and can not write about. We run this show. And we can write about ANYTHING.

But should we?

Instead of thinking about your blog as a TV show (to use an antiquated reference), think of your blog as a TV channel.”

The above is a direct quote from Marcy Massura blog post Smile. You are On TV.  I want to make sure that she is attributed properly for this, because I believe it is very important that people are properly given credit for their work.

I have said and thought this way for quite a while, but recently did just what she is talking about – I started a niche blog called A Veteran Runnah which is focused on running related stories and posts. I did this instead of adding running as another category that I write about on One Foot In Reality which now focused on writing about simplifying our lives, how aging is affecting us and early retirement.

Why didn’t I just add it to One Foot In Reality? I didn’t want to boor readers too much about this part of my life, especially those of you who mind not enjoy this part of what I am doing now. I am using this “A Veteran Runnah” as a place where I write a post related to my daily running log, reflections on different things that happen or have happened in the 40 plus years that I have been a runner and other running/healthy living related content as I go along. I thought that I might be diluting the content too much if I added this type of information to this blog.

After reading Marcy’s blog post several times, I am not so sure that I did the correct thing.  Is my running and experiences with running something that would interest readers here and should be here as part of simplifying my life and early retirement?

Here are links to posts that I have written at A Veteran Runnah:

Welcome to Veteran Runnah

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RunLog – 11/7/11 – Running Easier
RunLog 11/9/11 – Longest Run in 4 Years

This is the kind of writing that I would be adding to One Foot In Reality, if that is what you the reader would like. Please choose which direction you would like me to go.

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Thanks ~~ Harold