MessalonskeeTrail Hike – Great Walk In The Woods

Light captured playing on the water

What an absolutely gorgeous day for November, it was 63 degrees when I got to the trailhead. TheWife and SD1 were off doing other things, so Bennie and I got to go on an adventure.  We both get tired of always walking in the same areas and I decided to go to my favorite easy local trail.

There was only one car in the lot and we met a total of 4 people on what is usually a very busy trail.  One of the perks for being able to go during the day on a Tuesday.

Even though I have been on this trail several times, I always see something new or do something different. Today was no exception.

Bridge that MCC built
I like looking out of the shadow into the sunshine on the bridge
Two trees to frame Messalonskee Stream
My running shoe after a I fell and a stick went through it, luckily no damage to toes/foot
One of my favorite shots of the day – Shadows From the Bridge
The Bennie Bean

No today was a top 10 day of the year and I am so glad that I got to get out and do a trail walk!  Everything was perfect. Even when I fell, no one saw me but Bennie and my toes and foot came out of the ordeal unscathed.  I still would like to know how that stick went through the shoe like that? Just one of those things.

Just thought I would share a piece of my day with you and some pictures from it.