Reserving my Google+ Business Page for my Blogs

Google+ has opened to businesses and allowed us to create business pages, have you created your business page yet?

In order to protect the names of my blogs (my brands) and ensure that someone else does not “accidentally” take those names in Google+ business pages, I decided to ensure that I registered my blog names under my account.

Stop and think for a minute, how difficult will it be for you to get your blog’s name back from someone else who decided that they liked the name as much as you do.  If you have already registered the name of your “brand” under your Google account now, even if you don’t use the page, you will not have to worry about someone else taking your brand’s name.

So here are my two Google+ business pages:

One Foot In Reality Google+ Business page
A Veteran Runnah Google+ Business page

Is this a reasonable precaution to take to ensure that someone else doesn’t take your Brand’s name on Google+? I personally believe that it is and that is why I so quickly decided to ensure that I setup those pages.  Even though I am extremely small time, it makes good sense to me at least, to be proactive, instead of reactive down the road.

Think about it.  If you have your own blog do you want someone else to be using the good will and your good name on Google+’s business pages?  In other words think very strongly about what you can do to protect your personal brand (blog name).

I did and I have both of my blogs’ name in my Google+ account with their own Google+ page and even if I don’t ever use them, no one else will either.

I predict that Google+ business pages are going to be an important part of your social networking for your blog/business in the future – be proactive.