Week In Review – 11/6/11

Another busy week!

I really hate this time change, it throws me and the critters off kilter for about a week, which just gets old and frustrating.  Oh well just have to suck it up and do it.

The other day my secondary blog (Aging Reluctantly) somehow changed from me being an administrator to just an author and I can’t get back in and change things around??? Still haven’t figured out what I did this time, but not having administrator privileges on that blog just doesn’t work for me. In a way it was a good thing because that blog and One Foot In Reality have a lot of overlap areas and writing there was going to be basically to the same audience.

I like the idea of having a niche blog in addition to my regular blog and had really thought about what the focus should be for a while. When I chose Aging Reluctantly, it was more because I already had the blog address, which really wasn’t the correct reason. So when I had the opportunity to re-choose what my niche blog would be it was probably a very good thing in the long run. See my Another Blog Bites the Dust for the rest of the story.

I took my time and decided to create a blog that focuses on running – if you would like to check it out here is the link – A Veteran Runnah.

TheWife hasn’t had much time to write for the blog lately, while getting ready for SD#2’s wedding this week. I expect to see more from her after that is over.  Weddings are a lot of work and pretty stressful to plan for, so blogging is not even on her radar right now.

Posts published this week:

  1. Klout Now Allows You To Delete Your Account
  2. Google+ is Blurring the Lines for Bloggers
  3. Lessons Learned from the October Blizzard
  4. A Simple Idea Fixed a Long Time Problem
  5. The New Google Reader – After a Week
  6. Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test 11/9/11
  7. Another Blog Bites the Dust
  8. Why Did I Retire? – Looking Back
  9. The Blivet Lifestyle and Retirement

Our top 5 posts for the week based on pageviews were:

  1.  Evernote as a Task Manager
  2.  Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test 11/9/11
  3.  Opus Domini – Electronic Organizer Review
  4.  Another Blog Bites the Dust
  5.  The New Google Reader – After a Week

It seemed like I wrote a lot on techie type stuff this week, but that is what I have been doing more of this week. The garden is buttoned up, most of the outdoor projects have been finished up and I am focusing a little more on getting back in shape.  Although we did get six truckloads of loam that will need to be taken care of, as much as possible before the snow gets here for the winter. My weight lifting program, an hour or two a day should be plenty.

Well here is to next week and I wish SD#2 and her fiance all the best on their wedding day and their lives together.